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About Godspeed

Godspeed Capital is a lower middle-market Defense & Government services, solutions, and technology focused private equity firm investing alongside forward-thinking management teams that seek an experienced and innovative investment partner with unique sector expertise, operational insight, and flexible capital for growth.

Our capital comes largely from a U.S. public pension fund, family offices, and leading financial institutions representing endowment and foundation clients and is highly flexible, both in duration and structure, thereby allowing us to truly focus on investing for the future.

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Godspeed (Noun | gäd -ˈspēd)

1. good fortune; success

2. (interjection) The wish that the outcome of someone’s actions is positive for them, typically someone about to start a journey or a new venture

Our Name. Our Vision.

The selection of our name Godspeed, wishing someone a positive outcome, typically when starting a journey or new venture, is meant to convey our partner-friendly approach to investing. Godspeed seeks to instill a spirit of exploration, adventure, achievement, and success within the management teams with whom we partner.

Investment Approach

Our strategy is to consistently deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the long-term by investing in successful, niche-leading companies and taking them to the next level. Learn more about our unique, partner-friendly investment approach.

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Our Investments

We partner with management teams to support organic growth initiatives, improve operations, and complete add-on acquisitions. Learn about our portfolio of companies in the lower middle-market defense & government services, solutions, and technology space.

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Sectors We Target

Godspeed Capital targets control only, lower middle-market defense and government related investments. Learn more about the sub-sectors of the defense and government markets that we target for investment.

What Our Partners Say

We are proud to partner with Godspeed Capital, whose deep industry experience and knowledge across the broader education and government related architecture and engineering markets will provide a powerful complement to help the Huckabee platform expand both within and beyond the education design and engineering services market in Texas. We look forward to working closely with Godspeed to further enhance our core areas of expertise, invest in our accredited team, and pursue acquisitions that broaden our capabilities and expand the platform’s market reach.

Chris Huckabee, CEO, Huckabee

Godspeed Capital is utilizing its deep industry expertise to build a premier platform that will help provide mission-critical cyber, software and technology solutions to the U.S. Defense and Intelligence Communities. Godspeed’s strategic playbook and resources will enable us to work alongside other expert providers of government-related technology solutions as we continue to meet the evolving needs of our discerning customers.

Vishal Desai, President & Founder, Savli Group

We are proud to be partnered with Godspeed Capital, whose seasoned and collaborative investment approach will help solidify our client-focused culture of excellence, provide expanded opportunities for our team, and guide our business through its next stage of growth.

Brandon Enochs, CEO, Prime ABA

Connect with Godspeed

Connect with Godspeed Capital to further discuss our portfolio companies, acquisition ideas (new platforms and add-ons), and innovative technologies and services we may be interested in.

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